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The Latest from Microsoft

Windows 98 Second edition is now available. This fixes a few things such as better universal serial bus (USB) support, many bug fixes, and it will no longer crash if left running for 49.7 days. This update is free for all Windows 98 users. OH WINDOWS 98 SE IS SO COOL!!!!!

The latest Microsoft Office 2000 beta has an all new Clippy. I will upload a gif once available. The new Clippy no longer is inside it's own window and is based on MSagent 1.5

Computersetc News

We are now online and have a domain! http://www.computersetc.tk/. I hope to move this site to my server as soon as I master Windows NT 4.0

I have just added IRC to the website. It should work on most web browsers (I recommend IE 4 or newer)


The 2000 Volkswagen Beetle has been announced! I really want to get one once I get my license. After all, I doubt Dad will give me his old Pontiac Sunbird :). He'll probably trade it for a Grand am or something

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